Indie, Let's Do This

Hi friends!  I have finally launched my Indiegogo crowdfunding project to help raise funds to bring this softgoods line to life.  I have been working on this for some time and am thrilled (and a bit nervous) to have it ready for your lovely eyes to see.  
While it has been a lot of work, I have loved every minute of the process.  Starting with picking the perfect materials to learning a new creative process in such a beautiful medium.   I have created prototypes in a vibrant neon, on white 100% linen colorway and a warm, Summer sky colorway on natural, unbleached 100% linen.  I hope you enjoy the results, so much so that you would like to help the line succeeded by supporting and donating to project so I can bring this line to life.  
 More details HERE

I have created some beautiful, exclusive items as perks which you can receive with the associated donations.  These perks are geared toward giving, whether it be for Mother's Day, Wedding Gifts or a great piece for a Graduate.  It's an excellent way for you to score fantastic products in addition to helping a small business grow. It's giving at it's best.





 These limited quantity items can only be received with your donation so hop on over and claim yours now!

You can view the entire Indiegogo project HERE

Introducing Blush

This Spring I really wanted to introduce each color and tell a bit about the inspiration.  Much thought goes into each color that becomes an integral part of each seasonal line up. So, here is a peek into my mind as I am planning, mixing and making each.
 First up is Blush. A soft pink that has a bit of coral in it.  A lovely tone that is reminiscent of rosie cheeks.  Those you get when the snow is melting, the days grow longer and all the energy that has been building up from a long Winter is finally released upon hours of puddle jumping and roaming the newly budding life.
 Blush is the color of perfect pink petals that make up a welcome Spring bouquet.  It's a bit darker than the Powder pink I used last season.  This pink has more life, more depth and a bit more hope for warmer weather, getting outside and breathing life into everything.

What do you think of this Pink? 

Shop Blush here.

Spring | Summer 2014

Hey Friends!  Did you happen to notice the new colors in the shop?  I am completely thrilled to introduce my new Spring | Summer 2014 line of colors.  They are bright and optimistic, fresh and full of life.  The inspiration came in daydreams of warmer weather, longer days and everything fresh and alive.  Over the next few weeks I will spotlight each of the 8 colors and some images that represent these colors, in my line and around the studio.  So, without further adieu,  welcome, Strawberry, Blush, Sorbet, Daffodil, Grass, Dew, Sea and Bluebell.  

You can see more of the SS14 line in our first ever lookbook (click the lookbook image top right column).  It's 17 pages of fresh, fun Spring inspiration.
Also, a special thanks to all who helped me find the perfect name for the pink.  I decided to go with Blush.  I think it is lovely!

COMMON MINERAL {A limited line}

I would like to introduce you to my second Limited line COMMON MINERAL.  This beautiful group of bowls was inspired by the amazing rocks that you see below.  Many of them were pieces that myself or my family picked up along the road on an outdoor adventure, others were found in our yard.  These are not precious stones, just some common minerals redily available but amazing and intricate none the less. 
Each bowl has been made by carefully mixing rubber dip into colors an patterns that loosely represented each of the six minerals: Milky Quartz, Agate, Smoky Quartz, Slate, Sandstone and Granite.  Unlike the first limited line Fresh Fruit, this line adorns bowls of 4 different wood species in 3 different sizes in addition to mini bowls.  Enjoy!

Milky Quartz

Milky quartz can be found just about everywhere.  It is quite common.  So common in fact,  it is crushed up and use in composite countertops and for landscaping (often in commercial areas).  It's an extremly hard stone only second to diamond. For me, it's beauty is found in its milky white color and simple yet contrasting black and brown grain.

This Milky Quartz pattern adorns a 7" Solid Beech Bowl (10 available in this series).  Intricate turns of White, Milky Grey/White and Black.


Agates have a special place in my heart.  As a young girl I would spend days with family traversing the gravel pits and dirt roads hunting for agates big and small.  Picking rocks large and small.  Using a drop of spit to uncover their true beauty.  Now my children are learning the joys of the hunt from their grandmother as our agate collections grow.

This Agate pattern adorns a 6" Solid Beech Bowl (10 available in this series).  Bright Orangy-Red, Clear and veins of White replicate the unique beauty of this stone.

Smoky Quartz

Translucent and sparkly, this common mineral sparkles in the sun like a true crystal although much more common.  The warm modern smoky color is what draws me to this stunning stone.

This Smoky Quartz pattern adorns a 6" Solid Walnut wood bowl (10 available in this series).  Sparkling swirls of gold flow through the clear rubber dip enhancing the incredible depth of this rich Walnut wood.


I am always drawn to sandstone for it's contrasting layers that seem to stack like layers of a cake, each telling a different story of the past.  The colors are so earthy and warm, the perfect mix in my opinion.

This Sandstone pattern adorns a 12" Solid Oak wood bowl (5 available in this series).  Contrasting streaks of chocolate brown and white cross this bowl of mostly pink.  The golden Oak wood is bold in grain.


Bold and beautiful, what more is there to say.  Slate is often used in a rustic atmosphere as it can be cut into thin sheets and used as flooring or roofing. 

This Slate pattern adorns a 7" Solid Cherry wood bowl (10 available in this series).  A bold black backdrop proves to highlight the random swirls of rust and gold.  The Cherry bowl adds to the refined qualities of this stunning piece.


Well known for its use as countertops, headstones and building facades, granite is extremely hard due to its high Quartz content.  It's beauty truly shines through once it has been polished and it's depth is discovered.

 This Granite pattern adorns a 7" Solid Walnut wood bowl (10 available in this series).  The textured rose color feels much like that of an unrefined stone.  Swirls of milky grey, black and white give depth to the deep rich brown of the Walnut wood.

You can learn more about the details of each bowl and how to purchase here.

A Recap: All that was good in 2013, Onward to 2014

Guess what?  It's a new blog post!  Almost forgot how to do these things.  I guess I am due for a quick recap of 2013, which was another unbelievable year filled with excitement, opportunities and success.  It was our best year yet.

And... my Martha Stewart American Made video debut here.

And last but def. not least, I would like to introduce you to the growing Wind and Willow Home team.  I have mentioned my amazing husband, Jordan here a time or two but as my company grows his contribution has also grown from #1 Fan to #1 Sanity Support and now he is doing what he does best, getting me ready to take on new business as my Head of Organizational Operations.

In December, the very talented Brittany White brought her bubbly personality, passion for handmade goods and her head for graphic design as she takes on the role as Head of Care and Creative. Without her help in the shipping department this Holiday Season, it is likely that I would have crawled into a  den and never come least until Spring. 

Now, onward to 2014. A new year means new plans, goals and of course resolutions.  There is a lot of news coming up in the first quarter of 2014 in terms of new designs, colors and our 2 year birthday so stay tuned.

I Would Love to Thank You

I am so grateful for my wonderful fans, friends and family.  I felt so much love and support over the past few weeks, while you cast your votes for Wind & Willow Home in the Martha Stewart American Made contest.  There were many glitches through the contest from beginning to end which caused much frustration but you continued your support, hooray!
 Even though I didn't move on to the next round, I felt the love.  Not to worry, all was not lost.   We did catch  the eye of Martha and she (personally) requested my spoons to be sold at the American Made Market at her event in New York, Yeah! So off to New York my spoons go in October.  I also had a mention in Martha Stewart Living this month, did you see it?
Even though I won't get any of that cold hard $10,000 in cash to invest into a new line of soft goods and some help, I will continue to work on new products and slowly, when the time is right, it will come to fruition.  In the meantime, I have been working on some art that I would like to share with you.  You have done so much for me, please let me do a little something for you.  So, if you would like a original hand painted watercolor I would be glad to send you one with a personalized thank you on the back.  All you need to do is email me your name and address and I will start painting.

Please send your info. to and in a week or so your special mail should arrive at your doorstep.

Thanks again, your support has made Wind & Willow Home what it is today and shapes what it will be tomorrow.

A Personal Reward of Sorts

Hey, I got a tattoo! Nope, not my first.  It is actually my 3rd tattoo.  My first was when I was 16 and my second at 18.  Needless to say I am not overjoyed by either of them.  They don't have much meaning, other than the reminder that I was too young to think the whole, "lifetime commitment" thing through.  But this tattoo has been 2 years in the works, thinking, imagining and working...HARD.  So, as the title states, my 3rd tattoo is a personal reward of sorts. 

At the beginning of the year I decided to set some goals for my business.  One of them was to get some local recognition.  Community is very important when running a small business.  My first year of business brought a lot of exciting opportunities nationally and internationally but Wind and Willow Home was not recognized much in the Minneapolis, MN area.  In short, early in 2013 I was able to partner with some amazing local shops, Forage Modern Workshop and the Walker Shop.  Through these two local partnerships my products caught the eye of Midwest Home Magazine and to my surprise (jumping up and down joy) they decided to put a photo I had taken of my neon pink 7" bowls on the cover in addition to featuring my products as "Best of the Twin Cities 2013".
Wow, what an honor! Up until this point I was taking all of my sudden product success with stride, keeping my head down and working as hard as I could, keeping in mind that if I got too exited it could all go away.  After reaching this set goal it was time to give myself a little reward.

The original design was drawn by the talented artist Paula Mills of Sweet William.  I had fallen in love with this drawing about 3 years prior.  I love the softness of the overall drawing and the intricate geometric detail in this piece.  I had wavered between this and some other designs but every time I found something new I always compared it to this light as a feather print.   After contacting Paula to make sure it was OK to use her design,  I met with Jason Solarz, a talented tattoo artist at Outta Place tattoo in Northeast Minneapolis who had been recommended to my husband by one of his friends for his great talent (and environmental design & architecture degree...line weights are quite important here) and the design was in progress.  We had to modify it a bit to be sure the detail was sufficient for a tattoo of this size.Three painstaking hours under the tattoo gun and...

Light as a feather by Paula Mills of LovelySweet William

I am thrilled with the results so far.  I still have to go back for some final touch up but man, this really made wearing my swimming suite even sweeter this Summer.